Be Prepared

Me training the interior of the engine.

Its for more than the Boy Scouts. Be prepared should be the moto for everyone. In an era where the economy is still trying to fluff itself back to life and job security is a snicker, you would think people would go out of their way to “Be Prepared”. I really want these pages to be inspirational and positive, but sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make that proverbial omelette.

My new corporate life has me teaching mechanics in the field. I redesigned the training curriculum to introduce theory online and then follow up with Hands-On courses to prove out the theories. The online material is mandatory prior to coming to class. So how to you endure that the individual completed the mandatory online material? You test on day ONE!

Guess what?!?! An overwhelming percentage of individuals show up for class and fail, by more than just a little. This idea that you can not prepare for an event and succeed is rampant in our culture. Look at events like Warrior Dash, or the Elephant Rock Century bicycle ride… how many show up thinking they are going to compete — finding they need a van ride back to the start/finish area?

Life is hard. Its an exercise we can choose to win or lose. I am inspired by those that seize challenges as motivation to succeed. I watch American Ninja Warrior and am so happy for those that have put in the work and show results. My point is this, whatever you chose as your path is your own “American Ninja Warrior”. Stop doing life by accident. Embrace life and do it on purpose. Be Prepared!