Andrew S. Oakes – A Manana No Mas! Interview

Life has a way of bringing the right energy into your space right when you are looking for it most. This is true of my meeting Mr. Andrew S. Oakes. I spied his YouTube channel and Facebook embeds, then realized we were brothers in the adoptive family of John Maxwell.

The attached video to this post is the “Produced for Manana No Mas!” version of our conversation. Now prior to this recorded message, we did a pre-call to feel each other out and kind of strategize how the interview would go. A pre-call with me is not for sterilization – it’s for establishing a comfort level with my guests. In this case, the pre-call was chugging along with Andrew’s infectious enthusiasm. He was running a million miles an hour and I had to cut him short.

Having saved the conversation for the interview, I was even more excited to do the morning call. I knew he’d bring a full load of enthusiasm and selflessness to the interview and I couldn’t wait. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you like what you hear in the interview, or want to know more about my special guest – you can hit up his website or social links: — The World’s Friend — Andrew on Instagram @andrewsoakes

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