Andrew Eggleton – The Interview

I am so very excited to be able to bring you this interview (Podcast) in both video and audio formats. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew personally through a Jake Ballentine event in Pasadena. Andrew was one of the highlights during the three-day workshop. Add to that, the almost instantaneous COVID shutdowns and Andrew was one of the last impressionable speakers to present to the Speaker, Author, and Coach summit as presented by Jake.

I watched as many attendees in the Summit then followed Andrew on “The Heart of Presenting” Facebook page, taking part in his 10-day challenge. For many, this experience is transformational. For me, it led to a paradigm shift in how I perceive my own presenting style and left me open to change.

I hope that you enjoy this moment with Andrew and appreciate the value and transparency he brought to the interview. A canceled 2020 dream year of travel, a recent move, and a forthcoming baby give a guy a lot to think about… tune in to hear those thoughts.

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The Audio Version

The Video Version


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