Against the Odds


This piece is about overcoming. It’s about realizing it isn’t all you. Success requires a team, and if the team is with you – you can beat the odds. All professional educators build boundaries to their curriculum. For me, the magic number to attend an in-person class is 12. What about when the magic is lost?

12508812_10153521510834440_7180133602894819810_nBased on the needs of others, I had to extend my last class to 19! That is a far cry from twelve. Then I reviewed their pre-work prior to flying out to teach and began to dread the event. The odds were stacked against success. To top it off – I was suffering a virus that attacked my physically to amplify the mental anguish I was experiencing. Then the TEAM happened.

12573719_10153521510644440_7800131733889966545_nA co-worker from the field was assigned to assist the class. Having a co-trainer takes a bit off your shoulders just by being there. This was a technical course, so having someone on point when tools are needed fetched is awesome. The class itself got a little tough love with pre-testing and hard talk… but then eased into a rhythm geared to hard work – extra hours and study groups.

It turned against the odds. Our post-testing will be the proof of the pudding but I can attest that field perception of my course is improved and the most important? The nineteen students heading back into the field are not the same as when they arrived.  Technique combined with efficiency and productivity.