Affirmative Action Struck Down in California

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As a 53 your old, white male in SoCal I have been forced to see this from a different standpoint. Maybe some background —

I was asked to leave a private school in High School when my family was unable to pay the tuition near the end of senior year (While diversity was invited for free and given free transportation vouchers to get there).

At UPS, aged 20, I was a go-getter in the loading area and worked multiple shifts. I held the load record for the building, took on training shifts, and had perfect attendance. I was promised promotions to management on multiple dates – but postponed as the company had to make their diversity numbers stronger. (That experience swore me off union jobs)

Now, 30-years later, I find myself between positions in the midst of a COVID crisis. Multiple interviews have ended with “You have all the qualifications and the team really liked you, however, with the social climate being what it is, we really need to invite diversity to the table.”

I know there must be a ton of folks out there with different experiences and views of entitlement, privilege or whatever term hits this week — but I for one am glad to see this not become a law.