A New Chapter Begins

What a tumultuous year. As the trainer of a major Manufacturer, we transitioned to new management, lost our local training facility in Fremont, and have been suffering a bit of network development which creates demand for training in the first place. I hesitated to write this piece but then again… they say from adversity can come your best growth. So this is not a story of complaint, but rather triumph.

I consider myself a man of action. I tend to process information quickly, analyze, decide and go. For many reasons this has proven to be a successful model. In others, it has caused me to alienate myself from employers, clients and co-workers. It is also the energy that helped me create a paradigm shift in the communication of Ducati North America and its Dealer Network. It gave me the gumption to start my web-training when I saw gaps that needed filled and it continues to bless me with the energy of Self – Personal Development.

This week, I have been in Los Angeles setting up the new Press Center for Ducati. The Press Center is also being utilized as DNA’s first training facility in the United States. The work has been long and hot, but the results so far have been amazing. I look forward to tomorrow and greeting our students to a fully branded — purpose built facility that represents our brand well.

Lost use of a mediocre facility? BAM! New building!