2017 IMC Still Packs a Punch

For those that follow this blog, you know I am a die hard member of the John Maxwell Team. I love the message and vibe of this group as they continually strive to add value to others. Well this last week, they held their IMC (International Maxwell Certification) meeting in Orlando. I went to the event in August of 2016, but I gotta tell you… I really missed being there this last week.

Vicariously, I plugged in through the Private Facebook groups and “friends” I’ve made in the organization that were able to attend. You see as I went through the program, a paradigm shift in my plans occurred. This is what I mean when I tell folks I coach about being flexible.

If you were to study, or participate in a Master Mind group over the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, you would begin to tangibly understand your place in the chaos of society. When I rededicated myself to embracing the John Maxwell Team philosophy and training, I had decided to leave Ducati North America as quickly as possible – even if that meant self-employed. As luck would have it (or answered prayer), Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. stepped up with an offer that kept me employed and offered great growth.

That changed things up considerably. I know that I am in the right place adding value to an organization that can definitely use the skills I bring to the table. My heart though, wants to be in tandem beat with the like-minded people of the JMT. I went from Business Building & Mentorship within the program to Certified, offering Master Mind groups and pouring myself deeper into Personal Development for the future of Manana No Mas! and the Manana No Mas! Learning Management System. I am so proud to read and hear of my teammates securing coaching contracts and Keynote Presentations. They are an inspiration to me and proof that the hundreds of hours spent on this material is not in vein.