Business Consulting centered on Communication and 

Leadership Principles allowing a sprinkle of Technology to help 

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What Does Working With Mañana No Mas! Feel Like?

This podcast, released in 2022, gives a great picture of the customer-focused service we offer our clients. It was produced by LifterLMS as part of the LMSCast show. Please give it a listen. 

Business Consulting

With decades of Retail and Wholesale, plus web savviness… our founder, Kurt, uses his John Maxwell Team certification to add value. Not only is Mañana No Mas! able to improve communication and leadership while implementing policies and processes to help your organization grow, but we have the horsepower to provide web services to include Membership, Learning, and Digital Marketing type tools. So the key here is…

What are your hopes and dreams for the coming year? If you consider yourself open-minded – We would love to have a quick Discovery Call to hear your goals.

Web Development

Going back to 1994 and staring at the blinking green cursor in the Compuserve Screen, the web always drawing Kurt in. He explored Geocities, Yahoo Web-builder, Joomla, Drupal and Custom HTML sites…  Starting in Macromedia Suite 2004, our founder began creating web work in 2004. Now 17-years later, he is regarded as a WordPress Power-user, specializing in Membership and Learning sites. 

While we believe everyone has a course within them to share… Our sites drive e-commerce, community, online challenges, and corporate messaging. From mom & pop startups to corporate giants (Ducati & Suzuki) – we have the flexibility and desire to help you. 

Public Speaking

From training a small class to presenting a new motorcycle to thousands of people in Spain or France, Kurt is excited to be able to help you put your best foot forward. We also have a network of professionals in our network giving us more ability to help. 

Curriculum Development

Whether we are hosting your learning content or not, we have the ability to create a curriculum for your training needs and help manage your project. Chunking, Micro-Learning, Print or Virtual… we got you covered. 

Podcast / Mastermind

Hosting and guesting on tens of Podcasts and Mastermind Sessions, our goal is to add value, share the tools we use and be transparent. If its beyond “DIY” and you’d like help – then we want to be the first call. 

January 15, 1991

My first “Adulting” PC

Sure, I had a Commodore VIC-20 when I was younger, but in 1991… I got a full-sized IBM XT. It was so cool. You would activate the start switch and hear the beeps and boops as you cycled the 5 1/4″ floppy holding the Operating System!

January 15, 1991

December 20, 1994

Hello Packard Bell

Home computing was picking up speed, and for just $5000.00 you could get a brand new Packard Bell. Why not?!?! It had 4MB of RAM! You could make custom logos and it would only take 2 hours to print the sample!

December 20, 1994

August 3, 1995

My first Freelance Jobs

I was so excited. A sandwich shoppe – called Ol’ Philly Towne – hired me to remake their menus. I was so confident, I added a plumber for print marketing the same month. 

August 3, 1995

March 20, 1997

Computers Blend with Powersports

As an amateur motorcycle road racer, I found I could write articles to promote the sport, while participating in my own race classes. Vonconcepts was born. 

March 20, 1997

January 3, 1998

Vonconcepts is Formalized

Having reserved the name Vonconcepts for any business endeavors, we found ourselves assisting multiple non-profits with publishing copy, web design and public relations. This phase went about 10 years and included projects like Racing2SaveLives, The Father Show, MRA (Motorcycle Roadrace Association), Cycle News, Sticky Rubber, and more. 

January 3, 1998

May 1, 2007

Published Book

With decades in the Automotive Service Industry, I decided to write and publish a book – Service Writing in Black and White. This was a game-changer of unforeseen magnitude. 

May 1, 2007

July 2008

New Office, Name, and Leads

In the heat of the economic turndown, we moved into an office at the South Valley Economic Development Center under the name Von Ahnen Design and PR. We began serving the new companies running through the center with site and social media launches. 

While working with clients in the SVEDC, we changed our name again… Mañana No Mas! was born. 

July 2008

Jan 2010

New Digs

The great folks at uPublicTV had made us an offer after sharing a couple of projects. Since you could only stay at the SVEDC 2 years, it was time to graduate… and we moved to the new office — with the move we solidified the Mañana No Mas! name we adopted while at the SVEDC. 

Jan 2010

July 2010

Ducati North America

Remember the book? Well, Ducati had bought a copy and reached out to ask if I could write a course. I had already been teaching a roadracing course at the track as well as teaching the Basic Riders Course for the MSF… so I agreed. Then it morphed into Ducati becoming our largest client ever. 

This led to a 15 year Corporate Training run that included Technical and Sales training. Four of those years also included Publishing for Suzuki Motor of America. 

July 2010

January 13, 2020

Mañana No Mas! Re-launched

The Corporate positions had run their course, and COVID was right around the corner. I decided to re-launch Mañana No Mas! in an effort to add more value to more people. 


January 13, 2020

Discovery Call Worksheet

Recent Work Portfolio


No matter what your thoughts on Vaccine Mandates, the thought that drove action was “What will all these people do?” Most vulnerable people negatively affected by the mandates are career people – not entrepreneurs. Self-employment is a new concept (scary at that) and we wanted to draft a community and resource to help. Visit Vaxpreneur

Challenge Connection

Capitalizing on the “Facebook Challenge” phenomenon, we developed a project to help others host online challenges away from Facebook. We provide a more organized activity structure, real user management, monetization options, and the ability to grow and manage your marketing list. Full Site here

Contract Corporate Training / Speaking

I have done this one twice and looking forward to more. AT&T and the County of Los Angeles have entertained me two separate election cycles. The first one was the 2020 Presidential Election, then we followed up on the 2021 Recall Election against Gov. Newsom. The task centers on adjusting curriculum and presenting to I.T. workers supporting the election stations. One direct bonus was continuing to use in-person training skills during the COVID era. 

Powersport Academy

A pet project of Mañana No Mas! the Powersport Academy brings together most of our skillsets: Membership & Learning site, Curriculum, Speaking, Training and Coaching. Visit Here

Podcast Guest / Speaker

Working with Nancee Johnson on this episode was a blast. It was a fantastic opportunity to spread the word on Mañana No Mas! – its projects – and add value to her audience. Listen/Watch Here

Client Membership/Learning Site

Working with Paula and her project was super-rewarding. It began as a Learning module to add to an existing site and morphed into the full project. Our client had their content in order and the end result is something to be proud of. See the Site

Field Service Trainer

What a hoot! One of the standout clients of Kurt directly was BRP. He got to travel with his mountain bike, visit state parks, and add value to 11 different Powersports dealers. Much of the teaching shared on-site was largely based on Powersport Academy ideology. Being able to physically visit clients in a COVID world was a wonderful release.