The Year 2017 is Becoming!

What a year 2017 is becoming! I feel negligent not writing enough to keep you all informed of initiatives and wins along the way, but the sheer pace of life has precluded some of the timely updates. As I write this now, I am on a bus ride with a Global Service Training Team for Suzuki. Working our way out of Hamamatsu, Japan and headed to Lake Hamana to test some new products. It’s amazing to see how life is transforming right before my eyes.

Yesterday, I tried to make a “Social web video” about the “Win Process” but in review it seemed too self-serving and not humble enough. How do I exercise humility but celebrate wins with my followers? I decided to write it out, be more specific and worry less about fitting the message into a time frame. You see, the wins I am experiencing have not occurred with luck or manipulation. They have occurred through networking and strategy. This is NOT the KURT SHOW and as much as I like to brand things as Manana No Mas! moments. The truth is life is a series of networking relationships. As John Maxwell says “Everything rises and falls on Leadership”. He also says “Leadership is influence – nothing more – nothing less”.  If you finish off with the idea of good leadership adding value to others… you have all the keys to my strategy.

Day Job –

I have a day job. I am the Training and Publications Manager at Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. – a fantastic position that allows me to leverage my skill set. Known in the industry as a conservative well established company, I knew going in there would be some challenges implementing my management style. That doesn’t mean I gave up and moved along. To the contrary – I allowed myself to develop into their flow a little, trying to honor their core values while gently easing in my own initiatives.

This takes time, patience and planning. Some around me may see a bull in a china shop, but in reality I have used great restraint in promoting my agenda. Now that I have been here a while, the wheels of motion have picked up momentum. I have gained approval to change the user interface for our web training. I have exchanged staff members to find a more technically gifted individual to increase web-based training material production. I have instituted process that doubled the existing eModule creation rate, and I have earned favor with the management team at the home office in Japan through collaboration.

While one branch of the company has already committed to using the American eLearning globally, I have begun discussion to supply the learning product for other divisions as well. By gaining a global reach with the American training product, I gain stability for my staff’s positions in the States while elevating the quality of the product. This to me is a major win.

Publishing –

My Customer – My Business… a book by Stevan Batinic is in final edition state and nearly ready for re-launch. Stevan wrote a great little book for business development, but from a different perspective. It is an inspirational piece encouraging people to be the best employees they can be – whatever the occupation. I liked the book so much in its raw form that I offered to write his Foreword and assist him in publishing it. Admittedly, the first cover I designed for him was absolute trade book material. He wanted a bit more pop, so he provided me some better imagery to work with and we now have his new cover finalized. This will have the book out within the month and I know he is super excited to promote it. My biggest win here is in the “Adding Value” department. Helping someone else achieve a dream and establish themselves resonates the John Maxwell Team DNA I worked so hard to impregnate within myself.

Manana No Mas!

Gently in the background, I have been building up the content in the Learning Management System developed for Manana No Mas!. As I have a “day job” it is important to value the commitment made to my employer and not contradict their trust… developing the Learning Platform in a way that does not compete with Suzuki was my priority.

On the other hand, it was paramount to me that I not completely abandon the precepts of proper Fixed Operations theory that I address online. I had begun the LMS long before working at Suzuki and have since expanded the curriculum to include general business and leadership guidance. I am super stoked to see the growth in this area and look forward to promoting the LMS in a way that helps create jobs and financial growth.

Having a functional LMS makes Manana No Mas! unique in that I can now demonstrate to possible consulting clients that I have an engine that can support their needs. Already I have had multiple inquiries about developing similar platforms for other entities… all the while staying faithful to my day job. As these types of opportunities present themselves, I find that I may be in a position to use my Leadership Training to leverage others to produce these works. With my oversight – these projects create income stability for others as well, which is one of my goals – Win!

Partnering –

All this work, as rewarding as it can be, doesn’t replace the stability of good decisions made young in life. I failed in that area and am quite transparent about it. This is what drives me now at this stage of life. The goal is to bend in with my sweet spots crating multiple cash streams. Partnering is a great way to do this. There are only so many hours in the day, so focus becomes a large part of the equation. By focusing and developing strategies to enhance energy and productivity… I can use my network to build reciprocal relationships that generate cash flow.

Training material, book publishing and sales, consulting, e-commerce set ups… all of these tasks brokered through partners on a partnership base rather than exchanging hours for dollars creates a long-term stabile model.

Physical –

If you’ve tracked me this year, you’ve seen some changes. I am down forty-five pounds and maintaining it with ZERO regain over the last two months. To me that is huge. I knew I could lose it – but I second guessed being able to keep it off. Truth is, my wife is dwarfing my success in weight loss and re-inspiring me to maybe lose another twenty pounds.

It’s not just about the weight. During technical training this week, I had great energy, could pull 145 NM on a torque wrench without breaking a sweat, and was able to lift and bend to accomplish tasks. I’ve been running for fun, yes fun while in Japan and the visit to this country has taken on a whole new light with me in a “New” body.

Wrapping Up –

I started this post riding on the bus to Lake Hamana. Now hours later, I can report on a real life example that sums up this post. My morning was spent on two boats running prototype/ pre-production engines. One boat was at 700HP and the other at 350HP. The lake was gorgeous and lent me some peace. The company I kept were my American counterparts, but also my new best friends from Australia. Fish jumping out of the water in the sun’s glistening. Wow! Win after Win.

As I say in the social videos – Dream of your win. Pray for a win. Work for the win. Wait for the win. Recognize the win. Celebrate the win.

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