Is This Really How I Saw Myself?

Updating my LinkedIn file tonight I decided to read my intro under the headline. Really? Is this really the best way to announce me?  Haven’t I done enough to make an impression on people without giving them my resume? I can remember a supervisor I spent way too much time with. Every time he met someone new, he went on and on, embellishing his past to try to impress someone that had little bearing on his success. I could never figure out why and when I mustered the courage to ask him directly “What is your motivation when you lie to people”. He replied stating that it was just fun to get away with it. I found this ridiculous.

I also read this and found it ridiculous: 

Centered on Training as the growth model for business, I have worked to transition Ducati North America from a Contractor Based training program to an Internally Managed program. The rewards have been phenomenal. This required a paradigm shift in how the company communicated with the outside world. To this need – I developed websites and databases that aggregate information, freeing up precious labor hours of many departments at Ducati. This transition was clear-cut because of the personal development accomplished through Manana No Mas.

With over 2 decades in the Transportation Services Industry, to include Automotive, Motorcycle, and Aviation, I have had the luxury of experiencing the gamut of the back end. That is to say that I have been the purchaser for AOG Aircraft parts, the Parts and Service Director, and the Service Writer for many brands and types of travel. In the late 90’s I was able to parlay that knowledge into a more literate direction.

I have since been published in:
Cycle News
Road Racer X Illustrated
Motorcycle World Magazine
Sticky Rubber
Christian Motorsports Illustrated
The MRA Season Program
Vonconcepts Performance Magazine
plus multiple Ezines

I have also published “Service Writing in Black and White”… a small introductory book dealing with the attitudes and composition of a successful Service Writer — soon to be followed by “Service Writing in the Grey”.

Specialties: Technical & Leadership Training, Public Relations, Purchasing, Project Management, Production Control

Fast forward to today. What do I want this to say? I get things done – that’s what I do. As I get things done, I strive to add value to others and build relationships. So maybe that’s it? If someone wants the details – they can connect and get to the nitty-gritty.

I am sharing my own failure here to hopefully inspire you. If you are a student of Leadership, Personal Development, and networking… you don’t need a bibliography to introduce you. Just do you. You’re great enough without the fanfare.

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