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No More Dilly Dallying

Hey everyone. It’s been a heck of a week. While I love this site and what it can represent moving forward, I also have a day job and many of my initiatives are being adopted right now… which is awesome, but taxing. I have a team of five people across two active product lines creating learning content. I have a vendor re-working our user interface so my end customer will have the sensation of being a whole new site. I have a newly constructed technical training area coming together toRead More

The Year 2017 is Becoming!

What a year 2017 is becoming! I feel negligent not writing enough to keep you all informed of initiatives and wins along the way, but the sheer pace of life has precluded some of the timely updates. As I write this now, I am on a bus ride with a Global Service Training Team for Suzuki. Working our way out of Hamamatsu, Japan and headed to Lake Hamana to test some new products. It’s amazing to see how life is transforming right before my eyes. Yesterday, I tried to makeRead More

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. Employs Blended Model For Technical Training

Originally sourced form: http://www.latitudelearning.com/blog/article/1381277/suzuki-motor-of-america-inc-employs-blended-model-for-technical-training Beginning with the development of its first motorized bicycle in 1952, Suzuki has gone on to become a world leader in high performance vehicle and recreational vehicle manufacturing. Today, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., produces motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and boats. Kurt von Ahnen, Technical Training and Publications Manager for Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., shared with us about Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. training program. Suzuki’s Technical Training Program “Our training program is centered on Powersports and Marine Technical Training,” Kurt told us, addingRead More

2017 IMC Still Packs a Punch

For those that follow this blog, you know I am a die hard member of the John Maxwell Team. I love the message and vibe of this group as they continually strive to add value to others. Well this last week, they held their IMC (International Maxwell Certification) meeting in Orlando. I went to the event in August of 2016, but I gotta tell you… I really missed being there this last week. Vicariously, I plugged in through the Private Facebook groups and “friends” I’ve made in the organization thatRead More

My Customer – My Business (Stevan Batinic)

Well the heavy lifting is done! Stevan gave me the text and I brought it to life in a published world… A great little piece on Personal Development in a work ethic deprived society… but written with respect and restraint. Great job Stevan. My Customer – My Business By Stevan Batinic


Team Suzuki Press Office – February 18.  Team Classic Suzuki has revealed its rider line-up for this year’s Endurance Legends 4-Hour Race at Donington Park in the UK on May 6-7th with James Whitham, Steve Parrish and Michael Neeves onboard the team’s Suzuki Katana. Announced at the MCN London Motorcycle Show yesterday, the team boasts the experience and speed to challenge for victory in the high-profile event, with both Whitham and Parrish familiar with the brand after spending much of their racing careers aboard Suzukis, while Neeves can also claimRead More

Not a “Resolutionary”!

It seems that 2017 is off to a rocking start. My new position at Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., is progressing well. My son’s book is coming along. Stevan Batanik’s book is all but ready to go to the printer… and I just lost 7.3 pounds on the Transformation Challenge in Corona, CA. All this activity though is not the result of a “resolution”, it is a realization – an awakening. Enough is enough! Last year as I pounded out a two-hundred day travel schedule and logged nearly 70 hoursRead More

The Bandwagon – Not Jumping

  I have the awesome privilege this year of being home with family. So many changes have befallen me and the family this year and while I see this New Year approach I see time and time again, people posting about what a horrible year it has been. It’s caused me to really stop and take stock. I think of how 2015 ended and 2016 began. The contradiction in my life at that time was a fever pitch as I had the coolest job, for an exclusive brand with directRead More

Hamamatsu – WOW!!

Ok… I am trying to monitor myself and restrict the access I give the world at times, but OMG! this trip has been awesome! What trip you may ask since I have been so inept in my recent postings… why to Hamamatsu of course — Home of Suzuki. They have rolled out the red carpet the best that their culture will allow. Tours of factories, of cities and of restaurants… oh the restaurants. In  a crazy way I have also become a fan of the micro-mini-van. We even saw oneRead More