How are you finishing the year?

Can’t help but wonder how others feel about the end of another year. That drives me to how I am thinking of my year. The likeness of a duck comes to mind – you know – Calm above the water but paddling away under the water? Is it the same for you? My first full year at Suzuki is coming to a close. It took months for them to get used to some of my ideas, but now everything is in a flow. We are making strides near daily inRead More

Matter of Perception – 3 examples of perception and their effect

Over the last decade or so, there have been a few moments of “Wow” when people disclose their perception of my situation. Which in turn makes me think of my own perception of others. I feel this is part of the reason that I am able to adjust and find common communication ground with so many different people. Let me share some of these stories, as well as summarize the thoughts so that you may benefit from the experience as well. While the crash of 2008 was unkind to many,Read More

Is This You? I Feel This Often?

What is creativity? Well, it can be said that creativity is the ability to create something out of nothing. However, is that really true? Does any artist, writer or musician really create in a vacuum? Of course, they don’t. All creativity is a process that builds on what has come before. All creative people have influences. They have preferences. They have prejudices. They are the sum total of what they have experienced. This means that when someone creates something they are really collecting this collection of experiences, preferences, prejudices, andRead More

Is This Really How I Saw Myself?

Updating my LinkedIn file tonight I decided to read my intro under the headline. Really? Is this really the best way to announce me?  Haven’t I done enough to make an impression on people without giving them my resume? I can remember a supervisor I spent way too much time with. Every time he met someone new, he went on and on, embellishing his past to try to impress someone that had little bearing on his success. I could never figure out why and when I mustered the courage toRead More

New Passion Ignites a Flickering Drive

I tend to be pretty darn transparent in these pages. Lately, I have found myself, while excelling at the tasks, not being completely “passionate” about the mission. Now I am writing this agreeing with many that say the word PASSION is overused. However, in my case, looking at how I intend to continue being the leader people can look to for example… passion is a large player. For 2017 I had already made great strides on the day job, unleashing new user interfaces and reconstructing content. At home, my familyRead More

More Than Just a Mechanic

This last weekend was monumental for me on many fronts. Coworkers at the day job would ask “What are you up to this weekend” and I would tell them. First off I wanna ride my road bike, then I have to coach baseball for two hours, then I have to replace the water pump in my Dodge. Without fail, almost everyone gasped. They were surprised I would do the water pump myself. The other side of the coin was that this was my SATURDAY plan, as Sunday is for churchRead More

Adding a Fitness Channel to the LMS

  Here is the opportunity to promote your gym, fitness program, product, etc… Having successfully kicked the fitness challenges’ butt and maintained the results for the last 4 months even with the sprained ankle – I feel the need to share the lifestyle with others. I am not the expert though, so I am reaching out to those that are. This LMS (Learning Management System) of Manana No Mas! has the ability to Host, Drip Content over a prescribed time, be Monetized, connect to eCommerce or even offer Private AreasRead More

When Goals Change

I am a big advocate of GOALS. I believe you need to keep a carrot in front of you to chase, all the time. Always be pushing toward something. Sometimes it can be difficult to juggle, like when I take on too many goals at once… but a good leader knows when to adjust. This month has had a few adjustments. I had it in my head that I was going to break the 10-mile wall. I had been running weekly to build my endurance and fitness but had last runRead More

Newly Updated and Released

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No More Dilly Dallying

Hey everyone. It’s been a heck of a week. While I love this site and what it can represent moving forward, I also have a day job and many of my initiatives are being adopted right now… which is awesome, but taxing. I have a team of five people across two active product lines creating learning content. I have a vendor re-working our user interface so my end customer will have the sensation of being a whole new site. I have a newly constructed technical training area coming together toRead More