A Call to Excellence

Northeast-20140127-01771What happened to the days of knocking it out of the park? Remember back when there was pride in a job well done? It seems that as technology and the distractions of the modern day have crept in, pride has snuck out. When I give my training courses, I try to be inspirational and full of energy. The idea I promote (which is not my own, I stole it) is if you consider that what you do is back accident… imagine the power and success you would experience if you decided to do stuff on purpose. Its an abstract idea and one that begs you to look inside. We see movies and celebrity and wonder “Why them and not me?”. I believe we need to look inside. Have you really applied yourself, not given up when the fun was gone and concentrated on a plan that would foster success? Few can honestly answer yes. That is why I beg you to consider this… Are you experiencing a Call to Excellence that you are ignoring? The gentleman pictured above is Eric. He is a Service Writer in the Ducati North America network. He took training that I facilitated and I knew he was seeking excellence… so much so that he relocated from Minneapolis to Austin in search of it. What will you do for your success?

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