October, 2017


New Passion Ignites a Flickering Drive

I tend to be pretty darn transparent in these pages. Lately, I have found myself, while excelling at the tasks, not being completely “passionate” about the mission. Now I am writing this agreeing with many that say the word PASSION is overused. However, in my case, looking at how I intend to continue being the leader people can look to for example… passion is a large player. For 2017 I had already made great strides on the day job, unleashing new user interfaces and reconstructing content. At home, my familyRead More

More Than Just a Mechanic

This last weekend was monumental for me on many fronts. Coworkers at the day job would ask “What are you up to this weekend” and I would tell them. First off I wanna ride my road bike, then I have to coach baseball for two hours, then I have to replace the water pump in my Dodge. Without fail, almost everyone gasped. They were surprised I would do the water pump myself. The other side of the coin was that this was my SATURDAY plan, as Sunday is for churchRead More