April, 2017


Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. Employs Blended Model For Technical Training

Originally sourced form: http://www.latitudelearning.com/blog/article/1381277/suzuki-motor-of-america-inc-employs-blended-model-for-technical-training Beginning with the development of its first motorized bicycle in 1952, Suzuki has gone on to become a world leader in high performance vehicle and recreational vehicle manufacturing. Today, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., produces motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and boats. Kurt von Ahnen, Technical Training and Publications Manager for Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., shared with us about Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. training program. Suzuki’s Technical Training Program “Our training program is centered on Powersports and Marine Technical Training,” Kurt told us, addingRead More