August, 2016


Brand Consistency with Partners in Powersports

Having made this presentation for the inside of the Manana No Mas! Powersports training property, I thought the content and message was worth sharing beyond the inner borders. Whether service professionals want to admit it or not – they are all salespeople. Having an established relationship with recognized brands and limiting yourself to those brands lends a much more consistent message to your clients, then a mixed bag of product on disheveled shelving. For Manana No Mas! we approached Motorex as I had used their products in my racing. IRead More

Manana No Mas! with Some JMTDNA

Leadership – I’m Official

As I was preparing myself to leave a corporate position and possibly enter a new one, I found myself being less vocal in these pages. You see while I believe “Passion” is a word our society has begin to take lightly, it is the proper term for the work I do and how I feel about it. I love coaching, training and leading businesses – especially in regards to Powersports. I decided to make things official. And yes, while serving as a Training Manager for a major O.E.M. is official,Read More