September, 2015


When You Know Youré Good

Over the last week, I’ve had the awesome privilege of opening up a new Press Center for Ducati North America… using it for Training. A strange thing happened during that experience and while this sounds like a self-tooting horn, its meant to inspire. What a blessing it is to do something you are extraordinarily good at. When you find a sweet spot and ride it for everything its worth — wow! As I worked with Dan Trotti to finalize the appearance of the venue, ordered and assembled furniture, mounted brandedRead More

A New Chapter Begins

What a tumultuous year. As the trainer of a major Manufacturer, we transitioned to new management, lost our local training facility in Fremont, and have been suffering a bit of network development which creates demand for training in the first place. I hesitated to write this piece but then again… they say from adversity can come your best growth. So this is not a story of complaint, but rather triumph. I consider myself a man of action. I tend to process information quickly, analyze, decide and go. For many reasonsRead More