January, 2015


Establishing Priority (life and otherwise)

Lately as I interact with other families and individuals, I am completely dumbfounded by the logic employed.  You see, I live in a home where we didn’t have a flatscreen tv until this last year. I had to know that we could purchase it with cash and not drastically affect our ability to meet other financial obligations.  It was the same with the video game thing. For years I wouldn’t allow them in the house. I wanted my kids to read and progress in school before letting the distractions of animatedRead More

About a Ball

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Bologna, Italy in the summer. Walking the streets of Bologna after training at the Factory was super cool. Families in the park, old folks playing chess, scooters zooming around and yes… kids playing soccer in the street. One of the first things I noticed as I came across a neighborhood pick up game was that the ball was completely worn out. You could see the cords in the ball as the stitching was coming out of it. My heart told meRead More

What a Difference a Year Makes

Trite but true, I am sitting in my living room after saying goodbye to my Italian Boss shocked at how much has changed in the last year. When I first met him in 2013, he literally seemed shocked I had gotten the job with Ducati and was very distant. He actually said “I do  not know why they sent you here, I do not know what I should do with you”. Thinking about that moment and the pride-check it became, I remember sitting in my hotel in Bologna thinking “MaybeRead More