December, 2014


Home From the Motherland

Being in Bologna, where the company is founded, is an amazing experience. If you’ve followed me on Facebook, Twitter and in these pages… you know how blessed I feel. But now that I am back from the Motherland the task is to dig in with as much stinking Kool-Aide as possible and make an engaging yet informative, timely yet comprehensive training pack for the network. This is the challenge. There are some that do not view training as an investment. They see it as an expense only. TO them, noRead More

The Motherland

I have said it before in these pages that I LOVE my job. Well this week is going to be an exclamation point on that subject. I am Bologna, Italy for “Train the Trainer” covering the 2015 Model Year for Ducati North America. Sure the bikes are part of it… but for me it is so much more. It’s a heart thing – the Motherland. My bloodline heritage is definitely German, but my heart is Italian. I remember growing up in Philadelphia hanging with one of my best friends –Read More

Cutting Slack in the Business World

There is a strange cultural phenomenon occurring in business. It’s this idea that suppliers, manufacturers and the like need to cut the retailer some slack. It’s the idea of forming a franchise, assigning franchisees, disclosing expectations – policies – guidelines – profit margins – processes and overall business design only to flush it all down the drain when the franchisee drops the ball. The “cutting of the slack” though is when the supplier fails to hold the retailer accountable, instead forwarding bonuses, commissions and awards to the failing enterprise. ThisRead More