July, 2014


Who DO We Think We Are?

Since a very young age, I would sit in class and wonder “Who do we think we are”. I would read about how we would, as a country, tell other countries what they could do or not do. Let me set the tone here correctly before it spins out of control. I am not a proponent for abuse, cruelty, slavery, or any of that. Where I am confused is – why do we think we make the best police force for the planet? Logistically, there are concerns. Back in GradeRead More

Lots of Distractions

As the days pass I find that many people are vying for the space in my brain. I have a friend for example, a close friend. He works in the education field in New Mexico which is commonly pointed to as one of the worst in the Union. The odd part is though that when we lived in New Mexico, we must have had the luck of the draw… all of our teachers – except the one at the Charter school rocked. But back to my friend. He is postingRead More